Ways To Use Ginger To Prevent And Cure Cough And Cold

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DIY ginger remedies

The winter season has finally ended in India and the spring season is here in full swing. Along with the pleasant weather and flowers in full bloom, this season is also well-known to bring infections with itself that are responsible for causing fevers and sore throats. In the spring season, the plants and crops everywhere exchange pollen as a well-known method of reproduction. This causes the spread of air-borne infections along with these grains. That is why skin diseases such as chickenpox and infections affecting the throat are common during the months of March and April. India is one such place where home-remedies for everything develop much earlier than modern vaccine solutions, most of our grandmothers have ‘nuskhe’ to make all of these discomforts go away in natural ways. Ginger is the most favourite ingredient that has been used traditionally in treating cold-related ailments. Here are some ways it can be used for the same.

Ginger is rich in anti-inflammatory properties along with properties that help increase the body’s immunity. The anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving the pain during sore throats and being a spicy, pungent herb, it also provides heat that the body requires at this point. And by increasing immunity, it also keeps such infections at bay. So, if you are suffering from a bad throat or have a cough, these DIY ginger remedies can be helpful for you:

Ginger + Honey drink

The primary indication that our body gives us when any infection of flu is contracted is through a sore throat. At this time, grate some ginger and add it to a pan of boiling water. Once it boils, add the honey into it and squeeze half a lemon and you are good to go. This is beneficial for both sore throats and cough. Ginger reduces the inflammation caused in a throat when it is sore and the honey helps in soothing it also taming the rough coughs.

Ginger + Tulsi tea

This has been a remedy in most Indian households for a very long time. All you will have to do is grate ginger and add 4-5 Tulsi leaves into your water while making tea. Let this water boil for around a minute and then add the rest of the ingredients. This infusion of ginger and Tulsi together will reduce the temperature of your body if you have a fever and will also help you get relief from headaches and cough.

Lemongrass + Ginger drink

Lemongrass is also rich in anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which helps you cope with flu, cold and cough. When combined with ginger, this drink works nothing less than magic. Boil the grated ginger and add either dried or fresh lemongrass to the boiling water. Turn the flame off and let this infuse for 3-4 minutes. You can add honey if you like it sweet.

Lemon + Ginger drink

Adding lemon juice to hot water along with some ginger helps in preventing and removing phlegm from the body. Ginger also works as an antioxidant and helps the body in releasing toxins which further results in the removal of the infection and flu. Boil ginger water and squeeze some lemon into it. The vitamin C present in lemon also works as an active agent in the removal of mucus and provides relief in pain.

Raw ginger root

Chewing on the ginger root directly might sound a little too intense but so are the results. This is also one of the best ways to soak in all the benefits that it can provide during cold and cough. To get the best results, it is advised to follow this at least 2-3 times a day but if you do not feel comfortable with it, there is no need to follow this technique.

Ginger candy or lozenge

You can find these at your local grocery store. These ginger candies are a less intense way of providing heat to your body. You can chew up to 3 candies a day to soothe your throat and also find relief in coughing.

Ginger powder

Adding ginger powder to your food can also be highly beneficial for your body to fight off the symptoms of flu. Just add around 2 teaspoons of this powder to your food while cooking and you will see a noticeable change in your health.

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