You Showed On Time by Wisdom Lucky (Gospel Music)

Below we African 2nice presents You Showed On Time by Wisdom Lucky (Gospel Music) available on Gospel Music category for You Showed On Time by Wisdom LuckyWisdom Lucky (Gospel Music) audio mp3 download.

Embrace the Divine: You Showed On Time by Wisdom Lucky Mp3 Download.


In a world full of chaos and uncertainties, music has the power to provide solace and uplift our spirits. African 2nice proudly introduces “You Showed On Time” by Wisdom Lucky, a captivating gospel track that spreads hope and faith. In this article, we explore the profound message behind the song and how it perfectly encapsulates the divine presence in our lives.

1. Unveiling the Message:

You Showed On Time” is a captivating gospel song that profoundly speaks to the unwavering faith in a higher power. Combining heartfelt lyrics with an enchanting melody, Wisdom Lucky takes listeners on a spiritual journey, reminding us that no matter the circumstance, God always shows up at the perfect moment.

2. Soul-Stirring Lyrics:

The lyrics in “You Showed On Time” carry a powerful message of trust and unwavering belief. Wisdom Lucky’s heartfelt vocals beautifully echo the sentiments of countless souls searching for solace and guidance, reminding us that despite life’s challenges, divine intervention can ignite a ray of hope, guiding us through even the darkest of times.

3. Captivating Melody:

Wisdom Lucky‘s musical talent shines through in “You Showed On Time” as the melody seamlessly blends traditional gospel sound with contemporary influences. The captivating combination of piano, guitars, drums, and soulful background vocals create an ethereal atmosphere that beautifully complements the powerful lyrics, leaving listeners captivated from start to finish.

4. Connecting with Audiences:

African 2nice proudly presents “You Showed On Time” as a heartfelt gospel song that will resonate with audiences worldwide. The inspiring message, coupled with Wisdom Lucky’s soulful voice, has the ability to touch the hearts of listeners from different backgrounds and beliefs, reminding them of the universal force of faith and divine presence.

5. Spreading the Gospel:

Promoted by African 2nice, “You Showed On Time” by Wisdom Lucky is not just a song; it is a testament to the power of gospel music. The track has the potential to not only inspire individuals on a personal level but also uplift entire communities and spread the message of hope, faith, and unwavering belief in a higher power.


With “You Showed On Time,” Wisdom Lucky delivers an inspirational gospel track that beautifully showcases the divine presence in our lives. African 2nice proudly supports this captivating song, which spreads a message of hope, faith, and trust in a higher power. Embrace the power of “You Showed On Time” and allow its meaningful lyrics and enchanting melody to touch your soul, reminding us that no matter the circumstance, divine intervention is always right on time.

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