Lucrative Tech skills in demand in 2024

Lucrative Tech skills

Here comes the Lucrative Tech skills in demand in 2024 as our researchers has updated about the Lucrative Tech skills in demand in 2024 on Online fintech Tips for Lucrative Tech skills in demand in 2024.

Top 5 Lucrative Tech skills in demand in 2024

The world is moving at a rapid rate when to comes to technology, Tech startup companies spring up every day, existing ones attain unicorn status. With this development comes the demand for professionals with advanced IT skills. So here are the top tech skills in demand.

Obtaining this tech skill will increase your value in the Labour market, Tech market,   as an entrepreneur and as an employee.

1. Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Breach

Cybersecurity is one of the top tech skills in demand. It is particularly very important to every business, especially those dealing with confidential customer data and information.

Many businesses are in search of professionals who are able to provide cybersecurity for their businesses in order to keep their networks secure from attacks. In a time like this where Cyber theft is growing massively, cybersecurity sounds like a lucrative skill you should plug into.

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2. Software and App Development

Popular Social Media Applications

As a lot of businesses are moving to the internet, many Business owners are looking for  Mobile App developers that can help companies keep up with the latest technologies by creating, developing, managing, and maintaining new programs and software.

These Software developers are responsible for designing, developing, installing, testing, and maintaining software systems that allow users to perform specific tasks on computers or other devices.

3. Digital Marketing

Top Tech Companies in Ilorin

Every business requires marketing. And now that the world is going digital, the rising demand for digital marketers is imminent. What am I saying? I mean, it is here.

Businesses need to promote their products and services to the online community globally.

Hence, they demand digital marketers who can make use of digital marketing tools such as Analytics, Content marketing, SEO, etc.

4. Blockchain Developer


Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is the latest form of tender popular among youths. Many companies are looking for blockchain developers who understand the blockchain, smart contracts, and can build decentralized applications that will enable them to use the platform to accept payments or use it for other purposes such as peer-to-peer payments, crowdfunding, file storage, identity management, digital voting, etc.

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5. IT Support

Customer IT Support

IT support has always been in demand and will continue to be in demand for years to come. Today, most businesses have moved online and have employees working from home. More businesses are moving online every day; there is no telling that they will need extra support whilst doing so.

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