Best Home Remedies to Treat Piles – Natural Treatment

Find out the Best Home Remedies to Treat Piles – Natural Treatment – African Herb Tips publications on the Best Home Remedies to Treat Piles – Natural Treatment.

Piles or hemorrhoids can be a debilitating disorder of the rectum and anus where passing stool becomes painful. It is the swelling of the veins in the anus and the rectum, which may then be bruised by hard stool passing through it or due to excessive pressure being put on it.

This can be a very painful and embarrassing condition for many people to go through. Different Home Remedies for hemorrhoid or pile problems can be used at home and changes in diet can beneficial to treat it.

Home Remedies to Treat Piles Problem

There are many remedies that you can try at home to reduce the pain of piles and swelling and even reduce the hemorrhoids themselves over time. Let’s look at a few of the options.

  • Radish for Piles Treatment – In this home remedies for piles pain relief, a radish should be crushed and mixed with appropriate amounts of milk to form a thick paste, which is to be applied on the anus twice daily and washed off after 15 minutes. This should relieve the symptoms in a few days.
  • Cumin Seeds Paste to Lower Pile Pain – You can take a tablespoon of cumin seed powder, make it into a paste after adding water and then put it on the affected area. After leaving it for 15 minutes or so, it should be washed away with water. Try this home remedies for piles treatment and repeating this twice daily will help with the symptoms and reduce pain.
  • Balance Diet in Pile Problem –  Lack of a balanced diet can be problematic for those with piles, and thus, it is recommended that enough roughage such as green leafy vegetables and fruits are included in the diet as well.
  • Figs for piles treatment – Use Dried figs are also another great weapon against piles. Soaking some dried figs in warm water overnight and then having them in the morning is known to be good for smooth bowel movements, thus, relieving pressure on the rectal veins.
  • Haritaki powder for piles Pain – This is the fruit peel of Harad and if taken with 1 cupful of jaggery, it can reduce the symptoms of constipation as reported by many patients.
  • Castor Oil benefits for piles patients –  Mixing a small teaspoon of castor oil with a glass of milk can also help soften the stool and reduce the stress on the rectal walls.
  • Use nagkesar for Piles –  In this natural home remedies for hemorrhoid pain, use ayurvedic medicine nagkesar, which is usually prescribed as oral medication three times daily and has proven its effectiveness many times over.
  • Abhayarishta syrup for piles problem – 30 ml of this ayurvedic herb is also given to patients after food with equal parts water and has been known to be very effective.
  • Kasisadi oil for Piles –  In this natural ayurvedic home remedies for piles, use Kasisadi oil, which should be applied externally and it can help reduce the inflammation and itching caused by piles.

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