Profile of His Royal Excellency Eminent Ambassador Onyeche Promise Obinna – Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche 

Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche and Lolo Ikemba


His Royal Excellency Eminent Ambassador Onyeche Promise Obinna – Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche/Omuma 


Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche and Omuma
Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche and Omuma

Adulation for him defies Nigeria’s notorious cleavages. He is a symbol of a well-established unity of purpose and intense National solidarity, with an extraordinary passion for Transparent Leadership, Good Governance, African Ancestral Culture and Tradition.

His Royal Excellency, Eminent Ambassador Professor Engineer Onyeche Promise Obinna (EZE-IKEMBA 1/ ODUMEZUMEZU) was born some Royal years back into the Royal Family of Late Eze Sir. Onyeche John Onyegorom of Umakadibia-Ohia-Ji in Umuakuru Ulakwo Agwuruisi Ancient Kingdom, Etche Ethnicity – Rivers State, Nigeria.


Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche and Omuma
Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche and Omuma

As an Ancestral Prince who currently commands EZUMEZU ANCESTRAL ALTER having EIGHT (8) DEITIES in COUNCIL and the entitlement as ONYE ISHIALA ULAKWO AGWURUISI became an Apostle of Culture and Traditional Norms and grew from the ambience of an Ancestral upbringing. In line with his parents’ occupational mobility as his father was a Damage Clerk at Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), he had his Primary Education in Ekebedi Community Primary School (ECS); Oboro-Ikwuano Umuahia – Abia State, where he excelled with excellence as the School’s Head Boy with Distinction in His First School Leaving Certificate Examination with highest Exam Score in the entire Ikwuano L.G.A. of Abia State, Nigeria.

In Furtherance of his academic pursuit, EZE-IKEMBA 1 had his Secondary Education at County Grammar School (CGS); Ikwerre/Etche in Rivers State where he was made the Schools Leader in External Debate Competitions and Cleared his Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) with flying colours on Alphas and Distinctions.

Following his outstanding performance during his Senior School Certification Examination (SSCE) and Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examination, he immediately gained admission into the Civil Engineering Department, School of Engineering, Rivers State Polytechnics (RIVPOLY); Bori, to further his Tertiary Education. However, during his days at the Polytechnic, his leadership attributes became more pronounced when he went into Students Unionism and became the first ND1 Student to win election as Deputy Speaker of The Students Parliament which subsequently he became the Students Union Government (S.U.G) Speaker after the impeachment of the then Speaker based on Corruption and Misappropriation of students fund’s. Professor Onyeche’s leadership style as a Speaker brought about a great revolution in Student advocacy with the formation of Student Representative Council (SRC) within National and State levels of Student Advocacy, which gained him induction into the Rotary Family as a Paul Harrys Fellow after his humanitarian growth from being an Interractor in His Secondary school days to being a Rotaractor in His Tertiary School days with much records in humanity dedication and commitment to selfless service.

Crowned Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche

His Royal Excellency unquenchable thirst for Professionalism and Academic Excellence gave birth to his Master’s Degree Program from Washington International University (WIU); USA as he unassumingly made his Country and State proud with a sound performance as one of the best graduates of his set.

Further had his Doctoral in Charity/Community & Social Development from California State Christian University USA on the 1st of August, 2015.

Based On His Intellectual Dispositions EZE-IKEMBA 1 gained Professorial Appointment at St. Thomas A-Becket University Canterbury, England as a Professor of Business Management and Membership Induction into the Becket Synod England (MBSE) on 19th day of November, 2019.

Moreso. Inline with his passion for the Oil and Gas sector PROF. enrolled and got a Doctoral (Ph.D) in Oil and Gas Administration by University International Abirrta – 2022.


Today, it is without doubt that Professor Onyeche’s rich Academic and Royal background has given rise to the profile of a great Iconic Royalty As An Ancestral Prince, Progenitor and Grand Commander of Ancient Ancestral Deities, He was First coroneted on the 25th Of November 2013 By Uruan Ancient Kingdom in Akwa Ibom State – Nigeria under The Royal Seal of His Royal Eminence, Nsom of Uruan the then Chairman Of Akwa Ibom State Traditional Rulers Council based on his intervention in Uruan Ancient Kingdom on the participation of Strangers in Traditional Functions of Uruan Ancestry and was Honoured with The Highest Traditional Title of OBOK ODUM URUAN meaning EZE-IKEMBA 1 which in pursuit with the United Nations act of Peace Accord this gesture earned him the Global Royal Status Of His Royal Excellency (HRE).

Eze Professor ONYECHE’s Coronation followed A Royal RECEPTION and INDUCTION on 29th of December, 2013 as EZE-IKEMBA 1 by ULAKWO / UMUSELEM COUNCIL OF CHIEFS under the Chairmanship of then CHIEF GODWIN OGU who is now HRH EZE GODWIN OGU (ONYE ISHIAGWURU ULAKWO CLAN) inline with the demise of HRH LATE EZE AMADI the then ONYE ISHIAGWURU ULAKWO/ UMUSELEM CLAN ETCHE L.G.A based on his selfless service to humanity, dedication and commitment to Africa Ancestral Heritage, Norms and Ethical Values.

Based on his humanitarian ideology; EZE-IKEMBA 1 decided not to rest within his Royal Comfort rather to transverse Ethnicity, Nationality and Region to give back to the society as embedded in his achievements as stated below.


As it is known that Culture is the People’s way of Life, His Royal Excellency after his Chieftaincy began the processes of Cultural Revival and understudied the Importance of New Yam Festival (Egwu Ji) in Etche Ethnicity and began the transformation of Egwu Ji Ulakwo Agwuruisi in 2015 thereby ensuring it’s recognition in international communities with a strong Invitation of Cultural troops from East, West, North and south on annually basis solely funded and sponsored by EZE-IKEMBA 1 for the past Eight (8) Years and today Egwu Ji Ulakwo Agwuruisi have become an annual Carnival of International Standard which have attracted very respectable and notable Nigerians and the International Community having Royal Majesties I.E Emirs from The Northern States, Igwe’s from the South East and Oba’s from the South West in attendance on several occasions.

EZE-IKEMBA 1 ensure the peace and unity with the two Local Government Areas of Etche Ethnicity was maintained with the First Etche UNITY RALLY in 2017 which featured Beauty and Brain Pageant, TV Reality Shows, Talent Discovery and Youth Empowerment.

As The Chairman / CEO EZE-IKEMBA INTEGRATED FARMS AND RESORT after the Purchase of Large expanse of land in Ulakwo Afara Road in 2013, he single handedly graded and opened up Ulakwo to Afara link Road and established the First Automated Palm Oil Processing Plant in Etche and began Packaging of Etche Indigenous Owned Palm Oil for export and trained Youth’s freely in Palm Oil Processing, Piggery, Poultry and Fish Farming.

During the Ulakwo/ Obibi security crisis, EZE-IKEMBA 1 came back from His international duties and ensured the Formations of Ulakwo VIGILANTE SECURITY OUTFIT by performing the Ofor Ritual at Nkwo Umuakuru where Amadioha Mbukwu Resides and tasked Ulakwo Agwuruisi people to resist any further threat or security breach from any external community which was latter transformed to ULAKWO UMUSELEM VIGILANTE Group and much Later Known as ETCHE VIGILANTE SECURITY OUTFIT which is today ESPAC.

Professor ONYECHE have maintained a high level of enthusiasm in protecting and defending the Cultural Values and Traditional Norms of Etche Ethnicity and maintained his believe in the Service To The Land of His Ancestors as ODUMEZUMEZU.


Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche and Lolo Ikemba
Eze Ikemba 1 of Etche and Lolo Ikemba

His Royal Excellency, Eminent Prof. Amb. Engr. Onyeche Promise Obinna is happily married to Her Royalty Ogbeti Ambassador Onyeche Prisca Ogechi and their marriage is blessed with Six (6) Royal Descendants; amongst whom are Three (3) Prince namely; Prince Onyeche Fulfilled Obieze, Prince Onyeche Prosper Chikadibia and Prince Onyeche Fortune Ocheze, having three (3) Princesses namely Princess Onyeche Edith Uchechukwu, Princess Onyeche Precious Chikadibia and Princess Onyeche Emmanuella Oluomachi.


He is the Founder and International President of Transparent Leadership Initiative International (TLI) the most Supportive NGO in Sub-Saharan Africa on Transparency and Good Governance Crusade, as an affiliate arm of Transparency International working in coalition with the United Nations.

He is the Chairman/CEO of Fulfilled Group of Companies (Comprising; Fulfilled Engineering Constructions, Fulfilled Logistics Services Ltd, Fulfilled Agricultural Practices Ltd, and Fulfilled International Academy). Chairman/CEO P.02 Global Resources.
Chairman/CEO Eze-Ikemba Integrated Farm and Resort, Chairman/CEO Royal Exquisite Bar, Lodge and Event Center, Chairman/CEO Royal Guard Security Services (RGSS), Chairman – NASTROGRN MultiPurpose Investment Ltd.


Proud to have assisted in providing a platform (TLI) through which leaders should go beyond compliance to transparency, IKEMBA 1 has held so many past and present position which includes Fluid Analyst; Stamas Maritime Services Ltd 2000-2002, Deputy Speaker and Speaker; Students Union Parliament/ Representative Council (SRC) 2002-2004, President Emeritus; NUES National 2004-2005, General Director Projects; Wujek Global Concept Ltd 2009-2010, National Coordinator; Nigeria National Prayer Forum 2011, National Mobilization Director; National Support for Jonathan/Sambo Presidency 2011, Location, Surveillance & Monitoring; ICPC/NACC/NCPC 2011-date, Crime Prevention Personnel; National Community Policing Campaign 2011-date, PATRON – Man O War Nigeria 2012-Date.

Royal Father & Director Culture Adviser Miss Black Europe Manchester England 2015 – Date, GRAND PATRON the Narrow Road Women Intercessors of Nigeria 2014-Date, GRAND PATRON Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Nollywood 2015 Date, A Cultural Emancipator and Revolutionist that advocated and ensured the abolishment of killing of strangers during Cultural/Traditional Festivity of Uruan Ancient Kingdom in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria which gained Him the Special Chieftaincy/Traditional Title of UBOK UDOM URUAN and the Establishment of Uruan Day Celebration/Festivity for every 17th day of November Yearly as endorsed by Uruan Traditional Rulers Council, PATRON – Non Indigenes Alliance (NAI) of Rivers State August 2018 – Date, PATRON – Community Hunters Group of Nigeria 2019 – Date, Dhara Governor of Dharadham International, Delhi India from 18th July, 2020 – Date, GRAND PATRON – Etche Restoration and Transformation Initiative (ERATI) 2021 – Date, The Peace Broker for the Less Privilege Empowerment Network (TELEPECON) Crises that involved over Forty Four (44) Million Nigerians on a Presumed 700 Billion Naira Foreign Grant that almost claimed the life of Millions of Nigeria from February 2021 to April 2021 and got him nicknamed (IGWE TELEPECON).

Official Appointment as National President by Association of Surface Tank Oil and Gas Retailers of Nigeria (ASTOGRN) 4th of April, 2021. GRAND PATRON – Yes You Can International (YYCI) United Kingdom, GRAND PATRON – Liberate The Women Initiative (LWI) GROUND PATRON/FOUNDER – National Association of Surface Tank Oil and Has Retailers of Nigeria (NASTOGRN) June 2021,
FIRST AFRICAN ROYAL EMPEROR OF PEACE by United Nations University USA inline with his Global Peace Impact 2021, JUSTICE OF PEACE by National Association Of District and Customary Court Judges Of Nigeria (NADICOJIN) 2021, AFRICAN ROYAL FELLOW (ARF) by African – British Commonwealth Institute Of Ancestral Linear Descant Royalties 2021, IFSSDGUN INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION 0433-1024-2021 As ONYE ISHIALA ULAKWO AGWURUISI ANCIENT KINGDOM ETCHE ETHNICITY 2021, UN GLOBAL KINGDOMS CERTIFICATION AND RECOGNITION as ONYE ISHIALA ULAKWO AGWURUISI ANCIENT KINGDOM ETCHE ETHNICITY 2021,
Chairman NASTROGRN Multi-Purpose Investment Ltd (NAMPIL) July 2021. NATIONAL ROLE MODEL AND MENTOR GENERAL of The Nigerian Youths and Peace Ambassador by The Northern Youth’s Council Of Nigeria (NYCN) 2021. AN ICON OF HOPE on The Preservation of African Ancestral Culture and Tradition by The National Union Of Etche Students (NUES) Ken Poly Chapter 2021, AN AWARD OF EXCELLENCE AND RECOGNITION AS EZE-IKEMBA 1 based on Outstanding Achievements in Humanity Capital and National Development by Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education (IAUE) Port Harcourt in Conjunction with English Language Teachers Association Of Nigeria (ELTAN).

SUPREME COMMANDER for The Supreme Council Of African Ancestral King’s and Royalties (SCOAAKAR) 2021 – Date, WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY AWARD 2021 by Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute Incorporated. Member State Advisory/ Honourary Country Advisor Birland State Of Africa 2022 – Date. Doctor Of Philosophy in Social And Humanitarian Studies by All Nations Bible Institution and Projects – South Africa 2022. ROYAL GRAND PATRON – Most Gorgeous Queen Nigeria 2022 – Date.

CERTIFICATE OF PEACE AND GODWILL AMBASSADOR by International Youth Organization For Peace, Human Rights and Development (IYOPHRD) 2022. WORLD PEACE AWARD 2022 by Communication On Engagement Institute And United Nations Global Compact. A GENTLEMAN WITH A HEART AWARD 2022 by Women Of Heart Award’s.

UNITED NATIONS MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE 2023 by United Nations Inter-Governmental Organization. WORLD RECORD AS AFRICAN FIRST ROYAL EMPEROR OF PEACE by World University Of Sports 2023. KNIGHT OF THE HOLY CROSS (OSC) Count Of The Suvereigh and Knighty Of The Holy Cross by The Majester Of The Suvereigh and Knighty Cross 2022.

GRAND PATRON – United Business Women Association Of Nigeria and Diaspora (UBWA) 2023 – Date, ROYAL GRAND PATRON – Modern Traditional Medicine Practitioners Of Nigeria (MTMPN) 2023 – Date. PATRON – Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) 2023 – Date.


As a Champion of Integrity and Transparency in Leadership, a dodged promoter of African Ancestral Culture/Traditional Norms, Good Governance in Africa, especially in the Sub-Sahara Region, Ambassador Onyeche whose campaign has gained widespread commendation and determination to enthrone transparent leaders and Revolutionizing The True African Ancestral Heritages and Norms through Culture and Tradition Sustainability has barged so many awards which include; Most Active Principal Officer by Students Parliament 2003, The Outstanding Principal in Policy Making by RIVPOLY Library Department 2004, Activist of the Century by Odinma Etche Pol. Organization 2005,

An Ambassador of Transparency and Good Governance by United Nations 2011, Bold Step Man of the Year 2012/2013 by Bold Step International Magazine, 2012 Best Ambassador of the Year by TLI International, D Millennium Pillar of Inspiration by Associate for Health/Youth Councilors of Nigeria 2012, Distinguished Leader of Thought & A Philanthropist by Faith University 2013, G-Influence Man of the year 2013 by G-Influence Magazine, Ubok Udom Uruan (The Strength of Uruan Kingdom) by Akwa Ibom Traditional Rulers Council 2013, A Dynamic Accomplisher and Security Champion by Nigeria Police Community Award (PCA) 2014, Global Ambassador of Excellence on Good Governance By EACD-United State of America 2014, Nwanne Di Na Mba Ndi-Igbo Na NOLLYWOOD by Restore Igbo Film Summit 2014, IKENGA Ndigbo by Ohanaeze Ndigbo Nollywood 2014.

Excellent Couple Award 2014 by Poise Fendys Group. A Distinguished Personality of Inestimable Value by National Association of Nigerian Students (South/South Zone) 2015. Doctoral Fellow in Charity/Community & Social Development (HC) by CSCU, U.S.A 2015. Grand Patron Nollywood by Nollywood Practitioners Association 2015, African Top Leader Man Of The Year 2016 By Top Leaders Magazine, NELSON MANDELA GOLD MEDAL AWARD In Humanitarian Service in May 2017, An Exemplary Award/Grand Patron By Narrow Road Women Intercessors of Nigeria 2017, Patron None-Indigence Alliance of Nigeria 2018, The Cultural Mugul of Etche Tradition and Heritage By The National Union of Etche Students World-Wide in October 2018, An Excellence Award As Niger Delta Youths Role Model and Sports Ambassador of Year 2019 by Concern Good Citizens of Niger Delta in January -2019, SIR AHMADU BELLO SARDAUNA PLATINUM Leadership Award as ICON OF AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE June2019 By Arewa Youth Council Of Nigeria. FELLOW, NIGERIAN BOOKS OF RECORD Through The Supreme Council of Nigerian Books of Record Research Institute Abuja on 22nd June 2019 in an earnest effort to drive Change Begins With Me Champagne, project of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Award of Excellence in Promoting Peace and Security in Rivers State By Hunters Group of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter/Josun Jossy Multinational Resources LTD in collaboration with The Nigerian Police Force on 10th of August, 2019. Professorial Appointment By St. Thomas A-Becket University Canterbury England as a Professor of Business Management and adopted as a Member of The Becket Synod England (MBSE) on the 19th day of November 2019. Appointment as Dhara Governor by Dharadham International Delhi India on 18th June 2020. Award of Excellence for Outstanding Work in World Peace and Humanity by SACH KI DASTAK Magazine India on June 24th, 2020.

GLOBAL NON-VOILENCE AWARD 2020 by International No Violence Institute Diplomat International – India. Award of Honour as CORONA WARRIOR for Outstanding Support and Humanity Work by SACH KI DASTAK Magazine India on June 24th, 2020. Joint Cooperate Protocol Country Representative By International Federation Of World Peace Organization IFWPO) On 2nd of September, 2020. WORLD WAR II VICTORIA CROSS AND WAR GOLD MEDAL AWARD By The Monarch Of The United Kingdom And The Dominions Of The British Common Wealth And Emperor Of India Historical Memories On The 75th Anniversary of The End of Second World War On 01 September 1939 To 2nd September 1945 Presented On 3rd September 2020. Excellent Leadership Diplomatic Award by POETAS INTERGALACTICOS of The People’s Republic of Ecuador on 4th of February, 2021. VOICE OF HUMAN RIGHT by Access to Human Rights International (AHRI) on March 2021. Diplomatic Appointment and Recognition by FEDERATION OF WORLD CULTURAL & ART SOCIETY (SINGAPORE) In July 2021. EXCEPTIONAL LEADER, PEACE MAKER & PHILANTHROPIST OF THE YEAR 2021 by Etche Restoration and Transformation Initiative (ERATI) in July 2021.

FIRST AFRICAN ROYAL EMPEROR OF PEACE by UNITED NATIONS University 2021. JUSTICE OF PEACE by National Association Of District and Customary Court Judges Of Nigeria (NADICOJIN) 2021. AFRICAN ROYAL FELLOW (ARF) by African – British Commonwealth Institute Of Ancestral Linear Descant Royalties 2021. IFSSDGUN INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION 0433-1024-2021 by IFSSDGUN 2021. UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL KINGDOMS CERTIFICATION by UNGK 2021. NATIONAL ROLE MODEL AND MENTOR GENERAL of NIGERIAN Youth’s and Peace Ambassador by The Northern Youth’s Council Of Nigeria (NYCN) 2021. INTERNATIONAL ROYAL TRUSTEE of World Peace and Climate Change Diplomatic Organization 2021. AN AMBASSADOR OF WOMEN LIBRATION by Liberate The Women Initiative (LWI) 2021. ICON IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT 2022 by Focus Africa Award on Women Helping Women Initiative. MGQN MOST SUPPORTIVE ROYAL FATHER OF THE YEAR 2022 by Most Gorgeous Queen Nigeria. ICON OF PEACE AWARD 2022 by world Peace Organization. HONOURARY DOCTORATE CERTIFICATE 2022 by Humanitarian Institution For Autism and People With Special Needs 2022. GOODWILL AMBASSADOR 2022 by Culture Forum FAMULA 2022.

PEACE AMBASSADOR GOLDEN MEDAL by The Good Samaritan Theological Seminary 2023. EMINENT PEACE AMBASSADOR and GLOBAL DIPLOMAT OF UNITED NATIONS ECOSOC by International Association Of World Peace Advocates 2023. BEST HUMANITARIAN AWARD 2023 by The Good Samaritan Theological Seminary. A GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADOR FOR COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION 2023 by Wisdom University – Abuja Nigeria. ROYAL DOCTORATE AWARD 2023 by Good Samaritan Theological Seminary. GLOBAL AMBASSADORIAL AWARD FOR INTERPERSONAL AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIP (G.AMB.IIR) by Center For Research Leadership and Humanity (CRLH) in partnership with St. Thomas A-Becket University Canterbury England 2023.


Eze Professor Ambassador Engr. Onyeche Promise Obinna is indeed an Eagle of many colours, who despite his tight schedule still find time for humanitarian service as he retains his membership as a Paul Harry’s Fellow of Rotary International Club (Rotn), Member Berchet-Synoid England (MBSE), Nigeria Society of Engineers (MNSE), Council for the Regulation of Engineering Practices in Nigeria (COREN), African International Christian Leadership Centre (AlCLO), Man “0” War Nigeria, Associate for Health/Youth Councilors of Nigeria (AHYCN), Transparent Leadership Initiative International (TLI), Hunter Group Of Nigeria (HGN), Farmers Association of Nigeria (FAN), EZE-IKEMBA 1 Widows & Orphans Foundation (EWOF), Etche Youth Network (EYN), Etche Legislative Congress (ELC), International Federation Of World Peace Organization (IFWPO), National Association of Surface Tank Oil and Gas Retailers of Nigeria (NASTOGRN). International Human Rights Organization (IHRO). United Nations Global Kingdom (UNGK), Modern Traditional Medicine Practitioners Of Nigeria (MTMPN), International Association Of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA). Center For Research Leadership and Humanity (CRLH). Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), Supreme Council Of African Ancestral Kings and Royalties (SCOAAKAR), United Nations International Police Forum (UNIPF), Fellow Nigerian Books Of Record (FNBR), Member Nigerian League Of Legends (MNLL)

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