Abia AGN knocks National President, Emeka Rollas over chapter crisis

Emeka Rollas over chapter crisis

On the entertainment news today has it that Abia AGN knocks National President, Emeka Rollas over chapter crisis as reported by the news about Abia AGN knocks National President, Emeka Rollas over chapter crisis – African2nice.

Members of the Abia State chapter of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) have urged the national leadership of the body to allow peace to reign among actors.

The AGN members, who made the demand in Umuahia on Wednesday after their monthly meeting, alleged that the National President of AGN, Emeka Rollas has been instigating crisis in the Abia AGN.

The aggrieved actors, who included Nathaniel Nwoko, Daniel Egwu and Chukwuemeka Onyekwere, who is the Public Relations Officer of Abia AGN, lamented that Mr David Amalaha who was duly elected on May 2023 as Abia State Chairman, has not been recognized by the AGN President, Rollas.

Rather, they claimed that the President imposed Dorris Ogala as the interim Chairman of Abia AGN executive, even when there is a duly elected executive led by David Amalaha.

The Abia actors, who alleged that the National President had been inciting series of crises and intimidation of actors by writing a petition to the Zone 9 Police Command where he declared some members of AGN as belonging to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), also said that some of the actors in the Abia chapter were also disclaimed through a media publication.

Apart from these, the actors claimed that relatives of many deceased actors from Abia State were not compensated by the AGN National office despite their lifetime contributions to the development of the film industry.

The actors, who said that the David Amalaha-led executive has headed to the High Court, Umuahia, to protect their fundamental human rights, advised the National body of the AGN to allow the court to decide on the matter.

They promised to obey whatever ruling the court may give.

“We are here to tell the world that the problem in AGN in the state was created by the National office, including the President, Emeka Rollas.

“Let them stop creating parallel groups to distract the good works the Chairman is doing here”, they demanded.

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