Praising the Lord by Mimi Kelechi

Praising the Lord by Mimi Kelechi mp3 download of Praising the Lord by Mimi Kelechi now available on african2nice for download of Praising the Lord by Mimi Kelechi audio download.

Mimi Kelech is a highly talented and vibrant gospel artiste, songwriter, performer and music minister based in Lagos, Nigeria. Mimi makes music for the Godly soul. Her music is one of the most inspiring, motivational and uplifting spiritual music coming from Africa. You will literally hear the spirit talking to you as you listen to her.
Mimi’s musical journey began at a very tender age of 6, when she started singing at the church. Since then, she has grown to become a recognizable name and voice everyone wants to listen to.
Her music ministry has continued to crack new boundaries with various songs, albums, performances and appearances in churches and gospel events all over Nigeria and West Africa.
The spirituality and depth in her music has impacted many souls. You are welcome to explore this wonderful talent Mimi Kelech.
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