Abia State Induction Of Good Governance Ambassadors 2024 – Transparent Leadership Initiative In’t

Transparent Leadership Initiative International

The International Executives and #Board of Trustees of Transparent #Leadership Initiative International, TLI, specially invites the state and federal workforce to the induction of Good Governance and #Transparency Ambassadors in Abia State.

This invitation serves as an avenue to synergize and officially broker a working relation with the state and federal workforce, in line with our mandate to evaluate performances of public office holders and government in general, in order to recommend best performances of such to the international community for appraisal and also woo investors as to encourage patriotism in leadership.

Date: Friday, 26 April 2024, time 12th Noon prompt.

Venue: Unique live hotels, No. 1 O ‘Neill Ruby Clothes of House of Assembly Road, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria.

Prof. Ambassador Onyeche Promise Obinna
Prof. Ambassador Onyeche Promise Obinna

Signed: His Royal Excellency, Eminent King, Prof. Ambassador Onyeche Promise Obinna, International President, TLI.

Publicity: African2nice.com media team for (TLI).



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