Drela – Ice Cream Boy mp3 Download

Drela Ice Cream Boy mp3 Download.

Drela Unveils Debut Project “Ice Cream Boy” – African2nice latest music – Drela – Ice Cream Boy mp3 Download.


In the vibrant streets of Lagos, Nigeria, emerges a musical virtuoso whose melodies echo through the hearts of listeners worldwide. Muhammed Salisu, known affectionately as Drela, unveils his debut project, “Ice Cream Boy”, offering a tantalizing glimpse into his captivating world of sound.

Raised amidst the enchanting embrace of Jos on the Plateau, Drela’s musical journey began in his youth, where he absorbed the rich tapestry of Nigerian rhythms and melodies. Influenced by legends like Fela Kuti and inspired by the vibrant energy of his surroundings, Drela’s artistry transcends genres, blending rhythmic R&B and Afrobeats into a symphony of “Melodies Never Heard Before.”

Drela’s magnetic talent captured the attention of CashBoy Records in December 2022, earning him a spot on the prestigious label’s roster. Undergoing grooming for the grand stage, Drela’s debut project marks the beginning of a promising musical odyssey.

“Ice Cream Boy” is a scintillating exploration of two tracks that showcase Drela’s versatility and artistry. The lead single, “Ice Cream Boy”, is a joyous anthem celebrating the sweet indulgence of life. With velvety vocals and infectious beats, Drela crafts a musical delight that radiates celebration and charm.

On the flip side, “Money on My Mind” takes a motivational turn, delivering a powerful message of inspiration and determination. Drela’s charismatic delivery and compelling lyrics transform this track into a beacon of encouragement, urging listeners to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

More than just an EP, “Ice Cream Boy” invites listeners on a journey through life’s different facets, guided by Drela’s emotive storytelling and captivating melodies. With haunting compositions, clever songwriting, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Drela establishes himself as an emerging force in the Afrobeats scene.

As the world eagerly awaits what lies ahead for this young and talented artist, Drela, the sonic maestro, promises to leave an indelible mark on the global musical landscape. Step into his world and experience the magic of “Ice Cream Boy.”

For more information, interviews, or booking inquiries, please contact +2347062754228  at Salam.damola@playmode.ng.

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