I must have a PhD – Duncan Mighty reveals he took a break from music

Nigerian Singer Duncan Mighty Aims for a PhD, Balancing Music and Education

  • Duncan Mighty revealed that he took a sabbatical from music to focus on his education.
  • The singer revealed that he has an MSc in Acoustics from Freiburg University, Germany.
  • He advised his colleagues to pursue their education with determination if they are not educated

Popular Nigerian singer, Duncan Mighty, has set his sights on achieving a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD).

Duncan Mighty recently revealed that he took a break from music to focus on his education.

In a recent interview with 3Music TV in Accra, Ghana, Duncan Mighty shared details about his educational pursuits. He revealed that he holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Acoustics from Freiburg University in Germany.

According to Duncan Mighty, talent alone is not sufficient. He believes that to truly excel, one must back up their artistic abilities with education.

He emphasizes the importance of being in charge of one’s career or business, stating that Equipping oneself with knowledge and skills is essential for long-term success.

Duncan Mighty praised education as the one thing that remains with one even in old age. He encouraged everyone to pursue education, even if they missed out during their parents’ time.

Duncan Mighty news
Duncan Mighty

In his words:

“Taking a break from music wasn’t a difficult decision. Most importantly, you must be able to equip yourself. You must be in charge of your career or business. For me, talent is not enough, music is not enough.

“I have to back it up with education. Studying in an international community like Freiburg University… It is not an English-speaking university. You had to do Dutch language courses for six months, then you would be admitted to school.

“But I give God praise. I think education is the only thing that remains with you even in old age. So if you cannot go to school when you parents could send, you should go when you can send yourself. That was why I took a break from music. I’m not done with education yet. I must have a PhD.”

“If you’re not educated, someone is out there waiting to use everything you have made. Be careful, it is not about singing today. It’s called recording business.”

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