Cheapest Accommodation In Canada For International Students

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Do you intend to study in Canada as an international student? I believe you stumbled on this page looking for information on where to stay while studying in a foreign country. You can pick from a variety of accommodation alternatives.

The cost of living will vary depending on how long you plan to remain in Canada. You might get assistance finding the ideal location from educational institutions or property owners. However, knowing how much these lodgings will cost you might be very helpful.

Here is all the information you require regarding the cost of housing for international students in Canada. We’ll showcase the most affordable accommodation options for those planning to study in Canada.

Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students

Students in Canada have a variety of housing alternatives to choose from. We will assist you in finding the finest option by limiting your search to the most affordable options.


A dormitory is essentially a structure with rooms whereby students could reside on a university campus. These student residences are offered by a few Canadian universities, either on- or around the campus. Typically, dorms are bigger structures that house lots of students. It also includes detached townhomes, which typically house 3 to 6 students.

The benefits of living in dorms are numerous. They offer communal restrooms and shower facilities, along with shared spaces for cooking, exercising, and having fun. The university is responsible for overseeing these dorms.

Students in their freshman year of university or school are frequently advised to live in hostels. Living in a dormitory is the best opportunity to play at school events and connect with other students.

A dorm room typically costs between $3,000 and $7,500 Canadian Dollars each academic year. Food plans may be incorporated into the accommodation price in specific circumstances.


International students in Canada have a decent choice in private renting. However, particularly in big cities, rents can be very expensive. You can decide to share accommodation to reduce costs. You can benefit from the off-campus housing service that your school or college provides. You can discover local low-cost housing and roommates thanks to this service.

The mean monthly expense of shared housing in Canada ranges from $250 to $700 Canadian Dollars. A suite typically costs $400 to $1500 Canadian Dollars per month. If you’re interested in personal renting, you need also to include amenities in your budgeting. When making a spending plan, this covers the price of heat, electricity, and other bills.

Overall, off-campus housing saves you money because it is a more affordable option. You may pick your housemates, and it allows you more flexibility and flexibility in regular living.


Homestays are still a common suggestion for foreign students who come to Canada for school. They are welcoming family homes where an overseas student can spend the academic year.

There are several benefits to living in a homestay. You are eligible for family meals and fitted accommodation. Additionally, you’ll find it simple to get engaged in local affairs and family affairs.

How does this work? An institution of higher learning hires interested Canadian families to house and receive foreign students. Typically, your school will pair you up with neighbors who have similar tastes and interests.

Homestay lodging typically costs between $400 and $800 Canadian Dollars per month. The location also affects prices in a big way.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the following points should be taken into account before choosing accommodation for attending school in Canada. Although moving abroad to study is difficult, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It requires extensive forethought and physical and mental preparation on your part. Here is a checklist of factors to think about to make the relocation process much easier:

  • Make careful to choose a location in Canada where you may study and succeed.
  • Be wary of con artists. Never make a payment before visiting the unit or the owner.
  • Check the supplies. Ask questions about energy, hot water, internet, and repairs.
  • Your school will assist you in locating the best lodging if you let them know your interests.

Let’s examine the cost of housing for foreign students in Canada. Off-campus housing in Canada costs approximately $3,000 and $7,500 a year to maintain. Additionally, on-campus housing costs between $8,000 and $10,000 a year.

Canada’s academic institutions often provide a variety of room kinds, each with a particular price point and set of features, in their on-campus housing.

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