Everything to Know About Chef Failatu

Everything to Know About Chef Failatu

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In an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest individual cook-a-thon, Ghanaian chef Failatu Abdul-Razak has potentially shattered the world record, cooking continuously for over 227 hours. Abdul-Razak concluded the cook-a-thon with an emotional salute in Tamale on Wednesday. Describing it as a “national assignment,” after her fellow Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, embarked on the cooking marathon as an individual. The 26-year-old Nigerian chef cooked continuously for an impressive 93 hours and 11 minutes, surpassing the previous 87 hours and 45 minutes set by Lata Tondon in 2019. However, This article contains the biography of Faila’s  Early Life, Achievements, and personal life.

Who Is Chef Faila

Failatu Abdul-Razak is a popular Ghanaian chef and budding musician known to be a great advocate for women who speaks about child trafficking and was born on 7th November. Faila is very hardworking and a relentless go-getter who will stop at nothing until she achieves whatever she wants. Faila started as an Afro-pop musician. She released her hit song Piibu Piibu back in 2016 which went on to become a household record selling loads of cassettes. She has also taken part in many charity works and recorded songs that speak against war.

Bio Data

Full Name Failatu Abdul-Razak
 Gender Female
Profession Singer and Chef
Marital Status Married
Date Of Birth 7th November
Skin Color  Dark
Nationality Ghanian

Early Life

The famous Business Senior School in Tamale served as the starting point for Failatu Abdul Razak’s academic career and greatly influenced her knack for entrepreneurship. After secondary school, Faila continued to the University of Professional Studies where she read Integrated Community Development (ICD). She also attended the Sunyani Polytechnic. The Ghanaian chef  Failatu Abdul-Razak embarked on a Guinness World Record challenge to break the record for the longest cooking marathon.

However, on January 1, 2024, Faila commenced her cookathon journey at midnight at the Modern City Hotel situated in Tamale and is set to take it through to 5th January or more. According to an online report, she cooked more than fifty local meals and fed hundreds of guests at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale. Along with Vice President Bawumia, who gave GHS 30,000, dignitaries gathered at the location to lend their moral support. The current official record is held by Alan Fisher however a Ugandan chef by name, Mama D has unofficially surpassed that so the Tamale-based chef must also break that.

Personal Life

When Faila’s famous song “Piibu Piibu” was released in 2016, it caused a stir and quickly became a beloved tune among fans of the Afro-Pop genre. She performed music and participated in philanthropic endeavors, speaking out against war through her songs. The husband of Faila is Lieutenant Reginald Ofosuhen Adjei, who serves in the Ghanaian military. Mr. Adjei and Faila tied the knot in a happy union on November 1, 2020. The renowned chef is a mother; they have a happy relationship, even though she prefers to keep facts about her child and their marital details under wraps.

 Achievements and Career

Failatu Abdul Razak is the boss and founder of Mickey’s Inn, a continental restaurant found in the heart of the capital town of the Northern Region, Tamale. She started the restaurant back in 2017 and has since served customers the best of dishes that have them trooping in and out of her shop daily. She is also a team member of Ijbah Ghana Foundation, a non-profit government organization (NGO) that seeks to help and assist orphaned kids in the city. Thanks to the NGO, Faila and her team, through her restaurant, have served dishes to many orphans and brought joy and smiles to their faces.


A Ghanaian chef Failatu attempted to break the world record for the longest cooking marathon but failed, after breaking the rules set by the Guinness World Records. Chef Failatu violated the rest break rules, her team said on Sunday, resulting in an unsuccessful attempt to break the record.

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