Start stop technique: An interesting way to last longer in bed

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Start-stop or Edging is the technique of preventing orgasm when you’re on the verge of experiencing it.

You reverse yourself from the proverbial “edge” just before you plunge headfirst into sexual pleasure.
However, this method necessitates a hands-off pause. Once the sensation is gone, you’ll stop all sexual activity before starting it up again.

Until you’re ready to experience an orgasm, you can continue this procedure a few times.

This procedure, which has gained popularity in sexual health discourse as a way to get “better orgasms,” has actually been used for treating premature ejaculation for more than 50 years.

Here’s how to do start-stop technique in sex:
Start the sexual action with your partner, whether it be oral, anal, vaginal, or another type of stimulation. Attempt oral sex, activating their G-spot, licking, flicking, sucking, or doing anything else that gets them in the mood. Make sure they are outspoken or give indications of when they will arrive.

After the climax is reached, stop pushing or stroking, and step back. Pause for a few moments or seconds.

Once the sensation has passed and you no longer feel as though you are about to reach climax, you can resume sexual activity.

Stop-squeeze technique:
The stop-squeeze method is an ejaculatory control technique just like edging. By holding the penis’ tip until the sensation passes, you can get close to the climax and then abruptly back off. You have the option of performing the stop-squeeze repeatedly or just once. You can postpone a climax in the middle of sexual play by using this technique.

If your partner is unaware of your plans, edging will delay your orgasm and may even intensify it, but it can be a laborious or time-consuming procedure. Talk about it before you start edging during sex.

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