Tools Required to Start a YouTube Channel

Tools Required to Start a YouTube Channel

Find out Tools Required to Start a YouTube Channel as published by african2nice internet tips publications on the Tools Required to Start a YouTube Channel – get to know the Tools Required to Start a YouTube Channel.

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing videos on the internet. It’s also a great way for creatives to express their creativity, earn an income, and become brand influencers. If you are interested in taking a slice of YouTube’s treasure chest, then you need the right tools required to start a YouTube channel. Creating high-quality content for YouTube isn’t as easy as it seems. Established YouTube creators use top-tier video production equipment, while most of them have video editors and camera operators on their team, but you don’t need all these at the beginning of your career. Here’s a list of tools you need to start a YouTube channel:

1. Cameras 

When it comes to getting tools for your YouTube channel, purchasing a camera is quite obvious. How do you expect to create videos without a camera? At this point, you might ask, “Can’t I use my phone to create YouTube videos?” Well, there are a few smartphones powerful enough for YouTube videos like the iPhone 13 Pro, Sony ZV-1, Sony A7S III, and many others. Make sure the settings on your phone are set to 4k at 30 frames per second to get quality videos. There are also various apps you can download on your phone for other video processes like editing and posting on your channel.

However, if you want to invest in a camera, you can get a camcorder, a webcam, a DSLR, or a GoPro

– Camcorder: A camcorder will work for you as it was specifically built for video recording. Camcorders are lightweight and moderately inexpensive. The latest versions of the camcorder have new features and will work well for you whether you’re filming at home or outdoors.

– Webcam: This is a great recording tool if you are shooting your video indoors or if you are shooting a live video. The main advantage of purchasing a webcam is that the camera will be solely focused on you. However, if you are constantly moving, then getting a webcam isn’t advisable.

– GoPro: If you are a YouTuber who is always on the move or perhaps you love documenting your day-to-day activities, then a GoPro will work for you.

– DSLR: The DSLR camera will work perfectly for your YouTube channel if you are shooting indoors and you care about quality in terms of pictures and videos. But if you are always shooting on the go, then a DSLR isn’t for you.

2. A Tripod or Gimbal Stabiliser

Have you ever watched a YouTube video that was blurry and it seemed like the camera was shaking? Do you know what could have eliminated the blurriness and shakiness? You guessed right, a tripod or gimbal stabiliser. It doesn’t matter if you have the best camera in the world without a tripod you will create the worst video. Viewers don’t subscribe to watch blurry and shaky videos. A good tripod comes with a lot of adjustment options in terms of height and angles to help you get the perfect shot. However, if you are starting your YouTube channel with your phone, then you get a handheld gimbal stabiliser. Once you decide whether or not you will be shooting indoors or outdoors you can pick the tripod or gimbal stabiliser that best suits your videos.

3. A Microphone

The next tool you need for your YouTube channel is a microphone. Sure, the visuals of your videos are important, but what are great visuals without good audio? Therefore, you need a good microphone. Like cameras, there are also different types of microphones. Here are a few microphones you should get:

– A USB Microphone: If you are going to record while standing in front of the camera or laptop, then this is what you need. Plus, USB microphones are tiny, cheap, and versatile.

– Lapel Microphone: This type of microphone is usually attached to your shirt. They are often wireless, so you can transmit from a distance and not worry about fidgeting with a microphone.

There are also microphones like the condenser and shotgun microphone. These microphones are expensive, but they deliver the best audio output. Visuals aren’t the only things that need editing, you also have to download apps to edit your audio. One way to improve your audio quality is to convert to opus without spending an extravagant amount on expensive audio tools.

4. Portable Light

As a creator shooting outdoor videos, you might not require light as the sun can suffice. However, if you are shooting indoors, you need to invest in extra lighting. The different kinds of light you can purchase include on-camera lights, softbox, ring lights, and umbrella lights. Softbox and umbrella lights can be mounted on tripods which can in turn help with directing light to the spots you want. If you are recording your YouTube videos with a phone, then a ring light works best. A ring light is great for recording vlogs and it also eliminates shadows from different directions. But mounting any kind of light on a tripod stand can be extended to the height of whoever is recording and this helps shine light on any dark area around the YouTuber.

5. Plain or Colourful Background 

As a beginner, you need to invest in creating a good background. Do not shoot with a distracting background. You can decide to invest in wallpaper or pay an artist to make a beautiful design specifically for your channel. A simple wall in your room can work and you can also buy a portable screen.

6. A Good Laptop

A good computer or PC will help with important functions like editing, tracking your video performance, converting your videos for other social media platforms, and uploading the videos on your YouTube channel. Also, you can use your phone, but a laptop can be a better option to try.

7. The Right Video Editing Software

Acquiring all these tools may be useless without proper video editing software. Of course, great visuals and audio quality are important, but they have to be synchronised properly. There are several free and paid editing software you can check out.

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