Study In Canada: How to Get Scholarships in Canada

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Scholarships can cover part or all of the tuition fees for international students. Plus health insurance, lodging and books.

Canada is a great country to study, but it comes at a price. Figures show that tuition fees for international students in Canada range from $20,000 to $50,000, so students must receive scholarships to support their studies — unless, of course, the student comes from a wealthy family.

Most scholarships are academic/merit-based, need-based, or sometimes dependent on the student’s field of study. While some only cover tuition, there are also financial aids that include health insurance, housing, and textbooks. This article will explore how to get scholarships in Canada for international students.

What is a Scholarship?


Scholarships are the sum of funds provided to students to support their education. In addition, scholarships are the most sought-after financial aid for domestic and foreign students. Unlike grants, scholarships do not require you to express a need for financial aid.

In Canada, scholarships are awarded to both domestic (Canadian) and international students based on indicators such as grades, academic qualifications and student demographics.

After the conditions and obligations of the scholarship have been met, the Grants Committee will normally apply the scholarship to your student account at the University or College.

Canada Scholarship Eligibility

Almost all universities and colleges in Canada allow domestic and international students to apply for scholarships. Also, it is easy to apply for and get scholarships in Canada. Recipients of scholarships are usually determined based on merit.

Additionally, merit-based scholarships require you to have a higher entry average, certain skills, qualifications, etc.

The minimum average enrollment rate for scholarships at several Canadian universities and colleges varies from 75% to 100%. Therefore, students with a lower admissions grade point average may not be considered or receive a lower scholarship amount than students with a higher admissions grade point average.

Depending on your situation, you may need to put in a little effort to benefit from one of the many Canadian scholarships.

Schools That Offer Scholarships in Canada

Many universities and colleges in Canada offer financial aid, including scholarships for international students. Below is a list of some of the universities and colleges in Canada that offer scholarships to international students.

School Location
Alexander College Burnaby
Arbutus College Vancouver, British Columbia
College of New Caledonia (CNC) British Columbia
Columbia College Calgary, Alberta
Cypress College Alberta
Douglas College British Columbia
Granville College Vancouver, British Columbia
Kingswood University Sussex, New Brunswick
Lakehead University Ontario
Lakeland College Alberta
The King’s University Edmonton, Alberta
Redeemers University College (RCU) Ancaster, Ontario
The University of Winnipeg Manitoba

How to Get Scholarships for International Students in Canada

We found that international students often ask how to get scholarships in Canada. Therefore, we have decided to provide information that can help you get scholarships for international students in Canada.

Canadian post-secondary institutions charging more tuition to international students is nothing new. However, as long as you are an international student in Canada, you cannot escape paying these fees.

When considering scholarships for international students in Canada, you will be able to save money to some extent or 100% with a full scholarship. Some scholarships for international students require you to apply and fulfil specific obligations, such as providing letters of recommendation, writing essays, etc. That said, admission scholarships for international students generally do not require an application.

International students are generally required to meet a specified entry/entry average, as well as generally have outstanding academic achievement.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Scholarship

  1. Only Canadian colleges and universities offering scholarships are considered
  2. Find the scholarship that best suits your financial need
  3. Prepare certain documents that are often required when applying for scholarships in Canada
  4. Apply for Eligible Scholarships.

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