Detect Hemorrhoid Disease by These Early Signs and Symptoms

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Hemorrhoids are mostly known as piles and targeted as swollen veins in your lower rectum and anal regions, similar to varicose veins. The hemorrhoid disease can develop even inside the rectum, known as internal hemorrhoids, or under the skin around the anus zone, known as external ones. Checking out the hemorrhoid signs and proper hemorrhoids symptoms will actually help you to know when you need to visit a doctor for immediate treatment.

Understanding more about the internal hemorrhoids symptoms and their causes faster can help you get treatment from reputed clinics. Doctors will ask for some test results and examinations. Based on those points, they can actually make it clear if you are suffering from this disease or not.

Much like different symptoms for the internal ones, there are different external hemorrhoids symptoms available too. In this blog, you will come to learn more about these symptoms, along with the causes and risk factors, to know if you need help from doctors regarding your issues and when.

Around 3 out of 4 adults are known to have hemorrhoids from time to time. There are different causes behind its growth, but most often the causes remain unknown. Fortunately enough, there are effective options available to help treat hemorrhoids from their core. So, most people will get instant relief by using home treatments and by going through some lifestyle changes.

Get along with the symptoms:

The signs and symptoms of hemorrhoid disease will depend on the type you are suffering from. As mentioned earlier, there are two types available and those are external and internal hemorrhoids. Based on the ones you are suffering from, the hemorrhoid signs are subject to differ, big time.

External hemorrhoids:

The external hemorrhoids symptoms are different from the internal ones. These hemorrhoids are located under the skin and covering around the anus. The signs and external hemorrhoids symptoms will be:

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Irritation or itching of the skin near the anal region
  • Swelling taking place around the anus
  • Bleeding.

Internal hemorrhoids:

The internal hemorrhoids will lie right inside the rectum. You won’t usually feel or see them and they are rarely going to cause you any sort of discomfort. But irritation or straining can be some issues to suffer from whenever you are passing stool. Some of the major internal hemorrhoids symptoms are listed below for your reference.

  • You have to push the hemorrhoids if they are located internally through the anal opening, resulting in irritation and pain. It is called prolapsed or protruding hemorrhoid.
  • Then painless bleeding is another interesting symptom of internal hemorrhoid disease, mainly during bowel movements. Here, you will notice smaller amounts of bright red blood on toilet tissue or even in your toilet.

Checking out the hemorrhoid signs from the get-go is important as that means you don’t have to wait for the treatment much longer. There are well-trained doctors working in top-notch clinics and ready to start with the treatment from the get-go. If the hemorrhoids symptoms are minor then you don’t have to go through any surgery and medical help will be enough for you. But, in some instances, going for other treatments is mandatory. It all depends on the stages and the types of hemorrhoids you are suffering from!

Thrombosed hemorrhoids:

Apart from checking out the internal hemorrhoids symptoms and also the external hemorrhoids symptoms mentioned already, you have Thrombosed hemorrhoids to focus on as well. In case the blood pools in an external hemorrhoid and end up forming a clot or thrombus, then it might result in Thrombosed hemorrhoids. Some of the signs and symptoms of this case are:

  • Swelling
  • Harder lump formation near the anus region
  • Inflammation
  • Excruciating pain

The right time to see a doctor:

In case you are suffering from bleeding during bowel movements, or you have hemorrhoids that have failed to improve even after a week of home care, then you better have a direct consultation with the doctor now. Make sure to not assume that rectal bleeding is mainly due to hemorrhoids, especially in case you have some changes in bowel habits, or if the stool happens to change color or consistency.

Rectal bleeding can be a result of some other diseases like anal cancer, colorectal cancer, and more. Make sure to opt for medical emergency care, in case you have larger amounts of rectal bleeding, dizziness, lightheadedness, or faintness.

What are the causes behind hemorrhoid formation?

The veins, located around the anus region, are likely to stretch under pressure and might bulge or swell. Hemorrhoids will develop from that increased pressure towards the lower rectum. Some of the causes are listed below for your reference.

  • Straining during bowel movements will cause the veins to swell, resulting in hemorrhoids.
  • Furthermore, if you have the tendency to sit on the toilet for a long time then chances are high that hemorrhoids will form.
  • If you are suffering from chronic constipation or diarrhea that means you are putting more pressure on the anal veins. That is another sign that hemorrhoids might form later in life.
  • Sometimes, being obese is another reason for the development of hemorrhoids.
  • Some pregnant women have to suffer from hemorrhoids as well, as constipation is pretty common during such stages of life.
  • Anal intercourse is another reason behind the growth of hemorrhoids, with too much stress on anal veins.
  • If you ever go for a low-fiber diet plan that means you will be suffering from hemorrhoids in near future.
  • Regular heavy lifting will cause strain as well, resulting in hemorrhoid formations.

Get experts to the rescue:

You never know when you might suffer from hemorrhoids and need to seek medical help. Well, the team of well-trained doctors from the house of Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic is to the rescue as always! Being associated with hemorrhoid treatment for a long time, the doctors know how to examine your issue and then present the right medical help as asked for.

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