Egweji by DanDizzy: Afro Pop for Africans


African 2nice presents the music Egweji by DanDizzy: Afro Pop for Africans – African 2nice latest music for Egweji by DanDizzy: Afro Pop for Africans.

Today, in a highly anticipated and long awaited release, DanDizzy, Cadilly Entertainment`s newest signing drops the rhythmically explosive and lyrically arresting rap track entitled ‘EGWEJI’.

One of Port Harcourt`s big exports and the highly rated rap artiste, DanDizzy a.k.a Wave Zaddy, declares that he is about to change the game with what top OAPs & DJs alongside other music maestros, then very importantly fans who have listened to it thus far, describe as a “mad tune.

EGWEJI is strong and heavy, as the word literally refers; it is Dan`s debut release under Cadilly and was produced by the creative Correct Sounds then ”˜mixed & mastered` by the quintessential Indomix.

Download and Enjoy Egweji by DanDizzy Mp3 Download:


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